About Cherry / 關於

我是Cherry, 一個很愛吃,愛煮,愛記錄的女孩. 有天突然一個念頭, 希望美食在被摧殘
之前能留下最美的身影, 所以開始動手幫食物擺盤拍照. 在英國居住了好幾年, 進廚房愛
上料理的契機也是從這一刻開始. 從唸書到工作好像都沒有比做菜來得更認真更起勁,
雖然待過時尚產業, 其實應該繼續的, 因為真的很光彩耀眼, 閃閃動人啊, 但卻一股腦
的想往吃力不討好的廚藝界發展. 住在英國期間也因為地緣性關係, 讓我有機會到周邊
許多國家旅遊, 旅遊除了讓自己的眼界放大之外, 對我來說品嚐各國道地的料理才是最
主要的動力. 幾年前搬回了台灣, 一剛開始很不習慣也適應好一陣子, 找不到想要的進
口食材, 也吃不到一些正統歐洲料理(其實住在國外期間, 是個道地台灣胃, 家裡的餐
食幾乎都是中餐居多)也正因如此, 讓我有機會再次走進廚房為自己料理. 在這裡會分享
料理,美食, 還有更多的是食物攝影喔!
如有任何問題歡迎來信: hellocherrys46@gmail.com

I am Cherry, the girl who loves to eat, to cook, to write, to style the food
and to photoshoot them. During the time in London, I was in fashion industry,
oh I love it. But I spent the most of time to find the scrumptious restaurants
and tried to visit all of them. I travelled quite a few countries and some
of the cities that I would love to revisit again because of the FOOD. I admit
I am a greedy girl. Currently I am based in Taiwan, where is a subtropical
country with flourishing agriculture and prosper fishery source. We have our 
own unique food culture but also influence from China, Japan and other nearby
countries. Here will share all I know about for you. enjoy!!!
For any cooperation or inquires, please email: hellocherrys46@gmail.com


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